Oscar Davila is the voice of Kay/Frost, the Crow and Jonquilla Narcissus. He loves working for Foggytop Forest because he can use silly voices and no one looks at him like he's crazy.  Oscar
Susan Forrest is the Snow Queen and Kay's Granny. She loves children (honest!) and is not at all fond of cold weather. Just make sure you don’t sing sappy songs in her presence because she gets all melty.  Susan
Clifford Henderson, also known as Gerda and Lady Goodwitch, is a little like Gerda: she likes adventures and is very loyal when it comes to her friends. She's also like Lady Goodwitch: she sometimes falls asleep when she shouldn't.  Clifford
Scott Rasmann, the Hobgoblin and Tiger Lily, likes sunsets, long walks on the beach, small insects for supper, and counting backwards from a million.   

The Production Team

Engineering: Voice recording and audio engineering crafted by the brilliant P.J. Swift, without whom The Snow Queen, Episode One could not have been produced. P.J. is the Channel Wrangler for Kids' Public Radio (kpr), at All Foggytop Forest zany fairy tales appear on kpr's Jabberwocky channel.

Music: Music recording and accompaniment for the Episode One songs are by talented musician and composer Marty Atkinson. Nationally renowned singer Lisa Atkinson composed the melodies for The Foggytop Forest Theme, The Lunch Song and True Friendship. Lisa's award winning CDs are available at Susan Forrest wrote the melody and lyrics for It's Not Easy Being Queen and lyrics for The Lunch Song and True Friendship.

Logo art by Daniel Bussinger. Produced and directed by Susan Forrest.

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