Tell us what you like about The Snow Queen, Episode One or email us a drawing of one of the scenes in the story and we’ll do our best to add your comments or artwork to our website. Email your submission with your first name only, age, town and State or country to: . Kids - always ask your parents before you send an email.

"This is a new, fun, crazy adventure! It has reindeer, snowmen, crystal clocks, talking flowers, magic gardens, palaces, boys and girls. My favorite character is Gerda because she has to go on a crazy adventure to save her best friend Kay, and defeat the Snow Queen. The funniest part is when Kay makes fun of a sweater his grandmother made him – 'a big, pink puffball, and it's scratchy too!' Everyone will love it!"
...Brittany, 8 years old, Scotts Valley, California
"My favorite is Kay. I really liked the different voices instead of only one person reading the story. We listened to it in the car and I asked my grandfather to drive slower so I could hear more before I got home."
...Ethan, 6 years old, Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania.
"This weekend we went on a long drive to go camping, and we listened to The Snow Queen, Episode 1. It was just great! We were captivated. The characters were wonderful, the story engaging, and the dialogue magnificent. It was really fun. And Maya, just turned 4, enjoyed it too, listening without interrupting the whole way through. Nice work!"
...Daniel, 47 years old, Grass Valley, California
"I liked the music a lot. I really liked how one of the songs the Queen sings about how hard it is to be queen and she *is* queen! I was interested."
...Ocean, 8 years old, Boulder Creek, California
"I liked the music. I like the snow queen and her character. I liked all the berries... boysenberries...girlsenberries...strawberries...blueberries...blackberries...weird berries.  She's magical."
...Ellibella, 7 years old, Santa Cruz, California


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