Privacy Policy and Important Information for Parents and its owners and operators ("Foggytop", "we", "us", "our", etc.) provide this web site ("Site") for the use of both children and adults.

Personal Information Collected:  The Site does not have any means of collecting personal information other than to provide email addresses which may be used to contact us.  The Site never requests detailed information that would uniquely identify an individual.  For example, the Site may suggest sending a first name but it would never request sending a last name.  As part of the normal operation of email technology, we will have available the email address of any email sender as well as any information contained in email headers (which may contain items such as any name information in the "From" field, the sender's IP address, the sender's ISP, etc.) and we will receive the actual text of any email as well as any attached images or files which the sender voluntarily chooses to send.

Parental or Guardian Approval Required:  We specifically require that parents or guardians monitor and pre-approve all information sent to us by children under age 13.

Use of Information:  Any personal information that is collected will be used only for Foggytop's own purposes consistent with this privacy policy and will never be provided to any third party.

User Contributed Material:  If we receive emails that contribute reviews, drawings or similar items, such items are assumed to be provided to us for our unrestricted use on the Site or in other media.  We will not disclose the authorship of the items beyond first name, age and city. The creators of such items may withdraw permission for Foggytop to use the items at any time.  Upon receipt of such a request, we will remove the material from the Site within a reasonable time, and we will remove the material from other media under our control within a reasonable time.  Previously manufactured inventory of physical media (printed material, CDs, etc.) containing such items may continue to be distributed.

Correspondence with Children:  In general, Foggytop does not carry out extended correspondence with children.  We may at our option reply to acknowledge receipt of an email and we may at our option reply to the content of emails.  (Please note we can not commit to respond or reply.)  Parents or guardians may request that we do not retain or respond to emails from their children.  The request should be made by email and should specify the email address in question.  After receipt of such a request we will no longer retain messages from or send messages to that specified email address.

Notifications or Requests:  To make any notifications or requests pursuant to this privacy policy, use this link to find our contact information.

Broadcast Emails:  We may also send emails from time to time to Site users and/or persons who have purchased CDs or downloads to provide new information about Foggytop and our products or services.  Any such email will always contain instructions about how to unsubscribe from future emails.

External Sites:  The Site contains links to sites operated by third parties that we feel may be of interest to our Site users or that may offer Foggytop products for sale ("External Sites").  These External Sites are independently operated and are not under the control of Foggytop in any way.  The External Sites operate according to their own policies.  Consistent with these External Site policies, Foggytop may receive information about buyers of Foggytop products, including name, contact information, email address, and description of Foggytop items purchased.  We will use this information in accordance with our own privacy policy and we will also abide by any agreements we may have with the External Sites regarding protection of information.  When any External Sites collect information in the course of purchase transactions, we assume that purchasers are not children unless informed otherwise.  We never receive or collect credit card numbers or personal financial information.

General Provisions:

We never retain personal information about any Site user except as disclosed in this policy or as specifically stated at the point the information is collected.

IP addresses and site session information (for example, the sequence of pages visited during a visit to the Site) may be recorded as part of the normal operation of the Site for purposes of usage analysis and security monitoring.  To the maximum practical extent these are not directly tied to any personal identifying information.

Notwithstanding anything in this privacy policy, we will disclose personal information to law enforcement or government agencies as we deem necessary or as required by law.  In the event of any situations that we reasonably believe may be a threat to the security of the Site, a threat to any of our other computer systems or networks, a threat to any Site users, or any other public safety threat, we may use any and all information available to us to address such threats.

This policy may be updated or revised from time to time.  The current version of this policy is always available at the Site.  This version of the policy was last revised on November 11, 2008.